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Introducing the Americana Ballpoint, a gracefully curved ballpoint pen meticulously handcrafted by Aaron Lau of Lau Lau Woodworks. Crafted from Hawaiian Koa wood and adorned with a surfboard resin inlay, this pen seamlessly marries form and function. The unique curvature is designed with comfort in mind, ensuring a smooth and ergonomic writing experience.


The pen's hardware, plated with titanium oxide, adds a touch of sophistication, while Lau's intricate 22-step process guarantees the highest quality in every detail. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this pen is a testament to Lau's commitment to craftsmanship and user comfort.


Like all pens from Lau Lau Woodworks, the Americana is not just beautiful; it's also built to last. The special finish applied makes it chemical and UV resistant, ensuring durability and longevity.


Compatible with Parker style ballpoints and gel refills, this pen offers versatility to suit your writing preferences.


Elevate your writing experience with the Americana Series, where artistry and functionality converge in the palm of your hand.


*Each of our pens are branded individually by hand with our company logo, the laulau. You will find the logo next to the pen clip. This is to certify that you have a Lau Lau Woodworks pen.


**You may be contacted shortly after your order for the cost of shipping based on weight and destination.

Hawaiian Koa Surfboard Resin Designer Americana Ballpoint (Pearl)

SKU: 1151